Double Disc Grinding Machine
The Cheetah
Features and Design Highlights
  1. Super Anti Friction Bearings of SKF Make for Grinding Spindles
  2. Rugged and Stress Relieved Fabricated Structure to provide High Rigidity.
  3. The Housing of the Spindles are mounted to attain taper setting in the Vertical Horizontal Direction which can be viewed with Dial Indicators of 0.001mm Precision.
  4. Sturdy Slides for precise movement during the Grinding Cycle with an accuracy of 0.001mm.
  5. Preloaded Ball Screws for accurate movement of the Slide which are connected directly to AC Digital Servo Motors.
  6. Hydraulic Swing Arm Dressers which can be set at various speeds with Flow Control Valves.
  7. Automatic Centralized Lubrication Unit for proper Lubrication of the Slides and Ball Screws.
  8. Free Standing Electrical Panel and Hydraulic Unit.
  9. Electrical Pendant connected on the Machine.
  10. Customized Screens for Ease of Operation.
  11. Built in Safety Interlocks.
Part Feeding System
Through Feed Rotary Feed Slide Feed
W/P Thickness (mm) 1-100 3-120 20-120
Max. W/P Size (mm) 200 100 250
Grinding Wheel Dia. (mm) 660 660 660
Grinding Wheel Speed (m/s) 35 35 35
Grinding Wheel Head Motors (Kw) 30 + 30 30 + 30 30 + 30
Axis Travel Distance 130 mm (Approx.)
Total M/C Weight 10000 9000 10000